ViewExif is a powerful metadata tool for your photos. With the help of ViewExif, you can not only view metadata of photos, but also add star ratings, keywords and description on photo. Besides, it has an app extension, so you can view metadata right in Photos app.

View Metadata

Displays EXIF tags: Dimensions, Taken Date, ISO Speed, F Number, Exposure Time, Focal Length and more.
Displays IPTC tags: Star Ratings, Keywords, Description etc.
Displays geo location on a map.

Edit Metadata

ViewExif allows you add star ratings, keywords and description on your photo.

Protect Privacy

When you send photos via email or share on social network, your personal information (geo location, taken date etc) is shared as well. If you upset to share those information, ViewExif is able to remove it before sharing or permanently remote from photo.

App Extension

ViewExif has an app extension which allows you to view metadata right in iOS Photos app or 3rd-party apps (Dropbox, FE File Explorer etc.).