Make your own emojis

Take a photo with your face, or load a photo from photo library which contains at least one face, then FaceMoji will generate all animated emojis automatically.

Support multiple emoji sets

You could make emojis for you and your firends, switch between them.

Update emoji with new face

Sometimes the face doesn't fit for the emoji, so you need update it with a new face.


FaceMoji has built-in iMessage extension and keyboard extension.
With those extensions, you're able to send emojis right in iMessage or other apps.
The iMessage extension only works with iOS Messages app. And the keyboard extension works with Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Twitter, Email.

Full Access

The keyboard extension needs “full access”. This gives the keyboard extension to copy animated emoji into clipboard, so that you could paste it in other apps.
We take user privacy seriously. FaceMoji will never log your keystrokes or collect your personal information.
If you don't use keyboard extension, please ignore this.